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This Valentine’s Day, let’s make it official. Love the Trail, and the Trail will love you back!
After all, you make the Trail amazing!
Let’s take our relationship to the next level! Say “yes” to TTC by joining one of our annual membership programs. You control your commitment level and will enjoy exclusive perks that will make your little heart pitter-patter. Connect with fellow Trail enthusiasts and make memories. Commitment looks as good on you as you look on the Trail. 

Commit to the Trail today!

Move over diamonds because, at TTC, we believe bricks are forever! Declare your eternal love by etching your message on a commemorative brick. Whether for a friend, a pet, a significant other, or yourself, our bricks are currently on sale for 20% off this Valentine’s Day! Because nothing says love like a brick that stands the test of time!

Say it is forever!

Hard launch your love affair with the Trail in style! Snag exclusive TTC merchandise, including a limited-edition Howler Brothers hat, a Goat Tote, or the ultimate TrailHeads bundle. Wear your heart on your sleeve (or head) and become irresistible to other Trail Lovers. 
Love, adventure, and great gear – the perfect trifecta!

Show your love!

Who needs a traditional Valentine when you can adopt a goat? These hardworking companions won’t let you down, and the only drama will be if they sense danger. Adopt a Goat this Valentine’s, say goodbye to Poison Ivy worries, and revel in the joy of a commitment-free, back-talking partner. It’s the G.O.A.T. of Valentine’s gifts!
All Goat Adoptions include a certificate with your goat's name, a goat ornament, and a Goat Tote.

Find true love!

Love blooms on the Trail! Join our volunteer crew, get your hands dirty, and connect with like-minded Trail enthusiasts. Plant, mulch, or pick up trash – and you might just find your Trail-loving soulmate! Who needs a dating app when you can bond over a shared love of eco-restoration and the Butler Trail?

Meet your match!

No strings attached, just pure Trail love. If commitment isn’t your thing, but the Trail has your heart, make a donation today. We won’t ask for a ring, just your support. Keep it casual, keep it carefree, and keep the Trail thriving. Your secret admirer? The Butler Trail – and we won’t spill the beans or make moves on you in public!

Because you love the Trail!

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