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Finding a New Routine

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I have always been a frequent visitor of the trail. I have grown up in Austin and I also used to live walking distance from the trail, so it’s never been a strange place to me. I would even take my oldest daughter on daily walks there when she was first born. However, my deep love for the trail came about at the beginning of covid, when everything was shut down for those first few months, and the trail became my safe space. I need a place outdoors that was not in my neighborhood, but I wouldn’t have to be worried about getting sick so I could zone out, I found the trail. I wake up really early in the morning (5:30/6) and just walk for miles. I was able to clear my head and start to process what was going on. I have not really run since high school, but as time went on, I decided to start running again. Now, almost 2 years later, I still visit the trail for the same clarity weekly. Only now, I run it in the morning (even have my 6 year old daughter join) and grab breakfast for everyone on my way home! It has become a wonderful part of our family that came out of a vary dark time in the world.


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