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Restoration Work

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Ecological restoration is our most important role as the primary stewards of the 10-mile Ann & Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail and the almost 300 acres of parkland surrounding Lady Bird Lake. Our team works daily to improve the natural ecosystem around the Trail removing invasive species and re-planting areas with native plants, reinforcing the shoreline by incorporating native plants that reduce erosion and improve wildlife habitats, improving soil conditions with regular mulching, seeding wildflower meadows, creating new shade canopies, and so much more.

Our Work
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Ground Cover and understory improvement.

In areas with well-developed canopies, extensive work has been done to improve ground cover and understory and to minimize the impacts of invasive trees and aggressive vines. This work has resulted in improved shoreline and floodplain health along the lake, while still addressing the aesthetic concerns of Trail users. TTC is also working on expanding the woodland canopy around the lake following the Urban Forestry and Natural Areas Management Guidelines.

As the canopy expansion areas are generally within the Colorado River floodplain, this work also is improving floodplain health and function around the lake. In addition to increasing canopy cover, TTC manages greenhouse operations and propagates/grows commercially unavailable native plants for its restoration projects.

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Nature &

Protect, Connect, & Enhance.

Nature and conservation programs connect riparian corridors and preserve numerous protected areas along the lake. Learn how we are protecting the ecosystem along the trail.

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The Real Trail Heroes

One of the most loved visitors to the Trail is our goats! Goats eat noxious and invasive plants, making it safer and easier for contractors and volunteers to go into areas to stabilize the soil and restore native plantings. 

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Experience The Butler Trail

The Trail Conservancy provides free and engaging programming that connects individuals of every age to the Butler Trail. Many programs have ongoing installations for you to revisit on the trail.

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