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How you can
Adopt The Trail

Leave your legacy on the Trail with our adoption programs. Honor a loved one, friends, family, and pets with a commemorative brick or bench dedication. 

Do you have questions regarding adopting a piece of the Trail? Please email:

Commemorative Bricks

Engraved bricks honor Trail lovers and their friends, family, and pets along the Butler Trail. There are currently two locations with bricks available:  Lakeshore Park Exercise Station and Butler Shores Exercise Station.

Engraved bricks can be personalized to tribute Trail lovers, friends, family, and pets.

4″x 8″ brick is $350
8″x 8″ brick is $500
12″ x 12″ brick is $1,000

Bricks purchased for Lakeshore are installed each Spring. Bricks purchased for Butler Shores are installed each Fall.

Brick Requirements

Brick text can include family or individual names and dates—no political, religious, profane, or commercial names, messaging, or advertising. 4×8″ bricks offer three rows of text with 15 characters in each row. 8×8″ bricks provide six rows of text with 15 characters in each row. Every space and punctuation mark counts as a character.

Locations Currently Available

We have two locations where commemorative bricks are currently available for purchase: Butler Exercise Area and the Lakeshore Exercise Area.
Bricks at Butler Exercise Area are installed in the Fall each year. Bricks at the Lakeshore Exercise Area are installed in the Spring each year.

Bench Dedications

Dedicating a bench is an impactful way to personalize a part of the Trail and honor a loved one. A limited number of benches are available at:               

  • Boardwalk – two benches located west of I35
  • The new Holly Area Project – five benches available, with anticipated construction complete at the end of 2024 
  • Upcoming: Longhorn Dam Pedestrian Bridge– thirty benches available, with anticipated construction complete in 2026. 

The fee to ‘adopt’ a bench is $25,000 for perpetuity or $12,500 for 10 years with the first right of refusal for renewal. The fee includes a dedication plaque and maintenance for the bench.                       

Email for more information or if you’re interested in a bench

Dedication plaques have 2 customizable lines with 120 characters per line. Each space (including blanks and punctuation) counts as a character.  The plaque also includes a non-customizable line that reads “In Honor Of.”

Names only can be listed, no phrases or sentences.

Disclaimers and Contact Information

Annual maintenance is covered in the costs of the bench adoption. However, please be aware that the wood will be allowed to weather naturally over time. Depending on the depth, any carved vandalism will be sanded off. If you notice that your bench has been defaced, please get in touch with The Trail Conservancy directly.

Commemorative Brick FAQs

When are the bricks installed?

We order and install bricks twice per year – once per location. Bricks for the Butler Exercise Area are ordered on June 1 each year and installed in Fall. Bricks for the  Lakeshore Exercise Area are ordered on December 1 each year and installed in the Spring. 

Can I specify where my brick goes? 

You can specify whether you would like your brick placed at the Lakeshore Park or Butler Shores exercise area, but not a specific location within each area. Bricks are installed once a year per location.

Will you tell me where my brick is after it’s installed?

While we cannot provide the exact location of your brick, we will notify you after the brick has been installed with a diagram of the space broken into “Zones,” we will tell you in which zone you may locate your brick.

I adopted a brick in someone’s honor. Will you notify them?

Yes! If you’d like us to notify them before the brick is installed, please send an email to We can also provide a printable certificate if you’re giving your brick as a gift! As long as you’ve filled out the “Brick Notificant” information in the order form, we will also email them after it’s installed.

Where does my money go?

All proceeds raised from brick and bench dedications benefit The Trail Conservancy’s efforts to improve The Trail.

What about the bricks at Lou Neff Point? Can I order one of those?

The Lou Neff bricks are completely sold out.

I have purchased a brick, but I do not know where it is located on the Trail.

If you previously purchased a brick at Lou Neff Point or Lakeshore, you can find more information regarding the location of your brick on the Commemorative Brick page.