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A Special Engagement

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My then boyfriend, Rob, and I ran the trail together every week – it was the best place to have big talks and settle disagreements. It’s amazing how much more productive that environment is! Even though Rob was getting over an injury, we’d planned to run the morning of Saturday, May 9, 2011. I’d gotten a bit ahead of him as we made the turn toward Barton Springs at Lou Neff Point, and he called out, asking me to stop there. I’ll admit, I was bugged that I had to stop my run, thinking maybe he wasn’t up to doing 5 miles just yet. He jogged up, stopped in front of me, unzipped his key pocket (apparently those shorts had been selected that morning for the very fact they had a zipped key pocket), and pulled out an engagement ring. My jaw dropped, I nodded, put on the ring, hugged him, and started running again – MUCH faster. Talk about negative splits! I think we dropped more than a minute per mile pace on the way back to the car. The attached photo of Lou Neff Point was taken by a friend for us; I had it framed and it’s predominantly displayed in our house. More than 10 years of marriage later, now we take our daughter to the trail with us. Seeing it through her eyes had made it even more special!


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