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Eastside Pedestrian Bridge Sponsorship Information



The Butler Trail sees over 1.5 million visits annually. The Trail is a destination not only for Austinites, but also for Central Texans and visitors. As Austin grows, we will ensure sustainable Trail facilities keep up with the pace.

The Eastside Bridge and Trail Reconfiguration project is needed for safety, to serve eastside businesses and residents, and to provide a continuous natural lakefront experience for Trail users.

Similar to the Boardwalk project, this project will provide a safer alternative to the current off-Trail route. Additionally, it will improve trail infrastructure that serves between 3,000 and 15,000 residents and tourists who visit the Trail each day. Providing safe, quality access to eastside Trail users will help businesses in the previously underserved East Austin. The improved infrastructure will also have a significant impact on promoting fitness to Eastside residents by being a part of a major alternative transportation corridor that will adequately serve bicyclists and pedestrians who live, work, or study in this area. Finally, this project will increase access to public waterfront and raise awareness towards the importance of protecting one of Austin’s premier natural features, Lady Bird Lake.

With the completion of the Boardwalk project as well as plans to revitalize the both the Southeast Shore and Holly Shore sections of the Trail, the area of the proposed pedestrian bridge is expected to see a significant increase in traffic. It is forward-looking in that the adjacent street, Lakeshore Boulevard, is quickly becoming too crowded. Several multi-family developments will add over 5,000 residents within the next 5 years. The bridge will provide a safer alternative to the current off-Trail route along Lakeshore Boulevard.

Giving to this enhancement will allow the donor to demonstrate a commitment the entire Trail community and all of Austin.

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Path Sponsor

Name on TTF Eastside Pedestrian Bridge webpage

Name in TTF newsletter

Name on construction signage

Recognition via new media

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Creek Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Name and/or logo at ribbon-cutting dedication

Name on post-construction signage for 2 months after installation

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Woodland Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Inclusion in press release

Permanent onsite donor recognition

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Lakefront Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Framed full-color project rendering suitable for corporate office

Prominent focus in TTF e-newsletter (over 9,000 distributed)

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Underwriting Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Top-level display of name on permanent onsite donor recognition

Top-level display of name and/or logo on: TTF Eastside Pedestrian Bridge webpage, construction signage, post-construction signage for 2 months after installation and at ribbon-cutting dedication.

For more information, please contact Kylie Rush at or (855) 44-TRAIL x700.

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