Festival Beach Restroom


Sometimes, nature calls while Trail users enjoy nature outside, and The Trail Conservancy’s award-winning locally designed restrooms help them answer that call.

In June 2020, TTC completed a project that replaced an inadequate lavatory in Edward Rendon Sr. Metro Park at Festival Beach, east of I-35.  

The project was designed by Jobe Corral Architects, a local women-owned architecture firm founded by Camille Urban Jobe, AIA, and Ada Corral, AIA.

The Festival Beach restroom, identified for replacement in the Holly Shores Master Plan, was one of the 15 for 15 Projects completed by The Trail Conservancy, honoring its 15th Anniversary in 2018. The restroom now joins the ranks of The Trail Conservancy’s various other critically acclaimed restrooms, including the Miro Rivera Restroom near Rainey Street (2007), the Heron Creek Restrooms just west of Lamar Blvd. (2015), and the Johnson Creek Restrooms near Mopac (2013).


Festival Beach Restroom Donors:

Austin Parks & Recreation Department

Austin Runners Club

The Hatchery

Momark Humanist Housing

Southwest Strategies Group


*Minimum donation for permanent onsite recognition is $25,000.