Miró Rivera Restroom

Miro Rivera Restroom Aerial AustinSince the Trail is considered by many to be a natural oasis, we strive to make sure any new facility we build blends into this environment. Renowned architecture firm Miró Rivera shares this view of the park and at no cost prepared the architectural design for this new restroom.

The facility uses standard building materials that are found in “Austin-style” structures including a series of Corten steel panels and crushed granite pathways. By using specialized building materials and cautious design techniques, we designed the facility to actually reduce the parks department’s maintenance costs. The location near the Milago Condominiums was chosen due to the loss of the old Trail restroom when the Mexican American Cultural Center was designed and built.

This project was completed in 2007.


2011 Finalist – Envision Central Texas Community Stewardship Award
2009 Honorable Mention – International Biennial Architecture Prize Competition in Padova, Italy
2009 Small Project Award – American Institute of Architects
2009 The Chronicle Best Public Potty
2008 Awards for Emerging Architecture – Honorable Mention – The Architectural Review
2008 Student Award  – University of Texas School of Architecture
2008 Design Awards – Shortlist – World Architecture Festival
2008 Design Award – Texas Society of Architects
2008 Best Real Estate Award – Austin Business Journal

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View the time-lapse video of the erection of the steel panels: