Pfluger Bridge Circle

View More: Pfluger Circle, once a hot, uninspiring Bermuda grass circle, is now a peaceful gathering spot filled with flowering desert willowsAnacacho orchid trees, palmettos and other native plants. The long, silvery stems of the ponyfoot have created solid green walls to give balance to the concrete bridge. The stone blocks offer Trail users a place to rest or meet at this major intersection along the Trail.

We are grateful to the following donors for making this Trail enhancement possible: the family and friends of Barry S. Gillingwater and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

TLTF Pfluger Circle before photo_001

Pfluger Circle – Before the Enhancement

The family and friends of Barry S. Gillingwater helped fund this beautification project as a fitting remembrance to Barry, a true Trail enthusiast. Since Barry spent so much time running at the Trail and had so many friends, the enhancement of this busy Trail intersection is a wonderful place for Barry’s family and friends to remember him.

The Austin firm of  Ten Eyck Landscape Architects designed this enhancement.  Ten Eyck has woven architecture and landscape into an engaging, restorative and multi-sensory garden that delights Trail users, uses the rainwater runoff, and creates a gathering place at this major intersection of the Pfluger Bridge and the Trail.

Pfluger Circle received the 2011 Keep Austin Beautiful Runner-up Award – Beautification.