Johnson Creek Restroom

johnson-creek-restroomWhen we were planning the complete renovation of the Johnson Creek Trailhead, we realized that the Trailhead area was in great need of a nice restroom to serve the multitude of Trail users who start and pass through that area. Also, we knew that quality restrooms were one of the highest priority needs for Trail users.

Designed graciously pro bono by Studio 8 Architects, the restroom is constructed of steel and artisanal concrete created by small, tightly spaced boards to create an organic layering while maintaining a monolithic appearance, much like the exposed limestone along the creek bed. The design minimizes maintenance needs. The restroom has four stalls; two female and two male. We carefully balanced safety and privacy all while factoring in the ambient noise from the freeway overhead. The sink area is unisex and a Trailish open, see-and-be-seen space akin to the Trail itself.

TTF’s first restroom was the award-winning Miró Rivera restroom. Our second restroom was a replacement for the “leaner” restoom that is just west of Lamar, the Heron Creek Restrooms.

Sabre Commercial was the construction contractor.

The one-of-a-kind grand opening, “First Flush” was held on April 25, 2013.

The Johnson Creek Restroom won an Associated General Contractors of America – Austin Chapter award in the Building 1 Category (0-$2 Million Ground Up) in 2013.