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The Current Underneath

The Trail Conservancy x dadaLab

As a part of the launch of The Trail Conservancy’s Arts + Culture plan in May of 2023, TTC teamed up with local art collective dadaLab to create a site-specific laser installation, The Current Underneath. The piece was installed inside the former water intake facility of the Seaholm Power Plant, future site of the Seaholm Waterfront Building. The dadaLab team activated one of the intake facility’s massive underground concrete chambers by designing slowly evolving laser-light elements that could be viewed from above and emitted outward from the chamber above the viewer’s heads. The piece paid tribute to the history of the facility by creating liquid effects with the lasers to emulate the water that used to run through it. Take a look at how it went!

Community members were invited to come see the installation, hear music from local musicians, and learn more about The Trail Conservancy’s Arts + Culture Program.


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