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A Secret Spot to Write

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When I moved to Austin in 2002, I had a friend who worked for the Austin Parks Dept, Rene Barrera. He was always in charge of projects with volunteers cleaning up areas and improving the wildlife areas. My job took me out of town a lot but one weekend he called to say he had permission to take a ride in one of the city canoes and invited me. Unbeknownst to me he had recruited me to clean up the garbage of Town Lake 🙂 I didn’t mind as I loved the lake and the trail around it. I got the chance to finally live within walking distance from Zilker and the trail for quite a number of years. I’d carry my camera on some days strolling while looking for photo opportunities as well as looking for a way to get closer to the edge of the lake. One day as I passed by an area I had walked by numerous times, I noticed steps that were covered up with brush…so the curious person I was, I pulled away at the brush and found a broken set of steps that led down to the water’s edge. Then I came up on this glorious secret spot of a magnificent oak with such character and personality I just sat and gazed at it for at least a good 30 minutes. I’d found a secret spot I could write and that’s what I did many times. I have no clue if it’s been found by others but I hope it’s still hidden.


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