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Renee Butler

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As former mayor of Austin, Roy A. Butler, used to say; “Things don’t just happen.” Grant Butler, his grandson, took that advice to heart when he decided to plant a large grove of 52 trees at the corner of Congress and 1st St. He did this in 2010 at the age of 15 years old. Grant completed this task as a part of his Eagle Scout Project just 4 months after his grandfather passed away and unaware that it would one day be along the very trail that is named after both of his grandparents, Ann & Roy Butler. Grant chose the location for the trees due to the historical factor. The Congress and 1st St corner is right by the Buford Tower, which is where his grandfather kicked off the construction and beautification of what would become the Butler Trail. Grant’s contribution to the trail shows that although his grandfather built the trail, the Butler family is not through giving back as it is a part of their family as well as the City of Austin.


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