Wildflower Diversification


This important program has been rolled into our Butler Trail Ecological Restoration work. To learn more about the work that falls under that program, please visit the project page.

In order to diversify the wildflowers at the Butler Trail, we seed wildflowers. These Central Texas native plants remind us of our area’s rich natural heritage. They conserve water, survive without fertilizers and pesticides, save energy by requiring little maintenance, and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  Plus, they simply are beautiful!

Enjoy the blooms and remember the lasting legacy that Lady Bird Johnson left to those who appreciate the beauty and resilience of nature.

An example of this program is the wildflower seeding of Butterfly Retreat Mix in September 2013: it was completed by 100 kids and their parents as part Whole Foods Whole Kids Global Day of Service. When you see the colorful flowers along the north side of the Trail west of Lamar, think about the enthusiastic children stomping in the seeds and learning to appreciate nature.