Urban Forestry Management Program

In partnership with the Urban Forestry Grant Program and the Parks and Recreation Dept, The Trail Conservancy has been working to restore and enhance the urban forested areas trail-wide. Land management tasks include an annual trail-wide tree risk assessment, safety pruning, large invasive tree removals, vine removals, trail-wide soil testing, annual sapling plantings, mulching, and soil decompaction work.

Our Healthy Trees for the Trail program falls within our Urban Forestry Management Program. TTC is working with PARD’s Forestry program to increase the age and diversity in species of the trees on Butler Trail. To accomplish this goal, TTC and PARD rely on the help of volunteers who plant small saplings each winter. Depending on the rainfall each year, a different percentage of trees survive. This managed succession of trees will enhance the Trail for both people, birds, and other wildlife. The approach is inexpensive and has the added benefit of growing a new generation of conservationists!



Project Sponsors

Lynne Dobson & Greg Wooldridge