Landscape Lighting

trail-lightingTrail enthusiasts who enjoy the Trail in the early morning or evening hours were the first to notice this project. Attractive landscape lighting makes the Trail safer and extends its usability, especially before and after work hours in the winter months.

In 2008, the City installed low-level trip-and-fall lights in the downtown Trail area.  Look for the 16 very small lights in the darkest stretches between the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and the Mexican American Cultural Center. TTF and the Parks and Recreation Department collaborated on this project using criteria developed as part of TTF’s solar pilot project at the big dip in the Zilker Trail area. This pilot demonstrated that the Trail’s trip-and-fall hazard areas can be improved in an aesthetically and environmentally sensitive manner.

We will continue to work with the City to install lighting in Trail areas only where we find both a tripping hazard and an absence of ambient light. For all of the pre-dawn and post-dusk Trail users, the trip-and-fall lights are a welcome safety improvement!

This project was completed in 2008.