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TEMPO on the Trail

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on the Trail

TEMPO is a temporary art exhibition on the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail that is intended to cultivate curiosity, spark imagination, and encourage exploration of the city of Austin.

TEMPO on the Trail is a partnership between The Trail Conservancy and The City of Austin’s Art in Public Places (AIPP).

2024 TEMPO Artists

"Cosmos Composition" by Adrian Landon Brooks

“Cosmos Composition” draws inspiration from Adrian’s studio work, transforming a simple trail into an otherworldly landscape. Vibrant cosmic imagery intertwines with the natural surroundings, creating a captivating contrast. The carefully chosen colors will breathe life and vibrancy under the bridge, offering an immersive experience for the community. As you walk by, the playful composition of the imagery guides your eye on a fluid journey through the cosmos.


Website: Social: @adrianlandonbrooks

"Symbiotic Disappearance" by Chroma Collective

Symbiotic Disappearance” focuses on the interconnection and reliance between monarchs and local milkweeds. Drawing from conversations with a local curandera, they learned that the green milkweed is at risk of endangerment due to rapid redevelopment in Austin and the surrounding areas. “Symbiotic Disappearance” is meant to make you contemplate your role in ensuring that we are creating an environment where these species are protected and can thrive.


Website: Social: @chromaatx @creativeaction

"Conversation Stones" by Diego Miro-Rivera

“Conversation Stones is comprised of local alluvial limestones, naturally formed over thousands of years, and arranged here to make a place for dialogue. You are invited to stroll the grass paths, choose a stone that calls to you, and become grounded. By placing yourself on a Conversation Stone, you are signaling your openness to engage with anyone who inhabits a corresponding stone. This is an opportunity to get to know your community, be courteous, and create a meaningful experience.


Website: | Social: @gogomiro

"Meet Me in the Park" by Johnny Walker

“Meet Me in the Park” is centered around the idea of creating a meeting place. The design initially created to offer an invitation for people – to gather, to engage in conversation, to feel comfort in one another’s presence, to be heard and seen, to know that they are an important part of a bigger whole.



"Really Small Museum - Eco" by Juliet Whitsett

The “Really Small Museum” is a (really small) exhibition space that originated in 2021 to infuse art, celebration, conversation, and connection into two East Austin neighborhoods. Having featured works from over 60 artists, the impact of this community art project has extended far beyond the original front yards. “Really Small Museum- Eco” centers around collaborations focused on the environment, ecology, sustainability, and the natural world. Over the year, it will showcase twelve artists, including an exhibition of curator Juliet Whitsett’s art advocating for threatened and endangered species.


Website: | Social: @juliet_whitsett_art | @reallysmallmuseum_atx

"Wavelength: Sky View" by Darcie Book

Wavelength: Sky View” considers the illusion that humans are separate from nature. The sculpture’s simplified house shape suggests the thin barrier between indoors and outdoors, notably without walls. The artwork’s “rooftop” has been created by triangular windows that open to the sky between reflective gold panels. Reframing the sky offers the opportunity to appreciate the seasonal and hourly passing of time and to honor change.


Website : | Social:

"Sun Poem" by Ani Bradberry
"Norm" by Raul Buitrago

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