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10 Things I Love About the Trail (from a dog’s POV)

  1. One on one time with my mom.
  2. All the places I can get into the water (when algae-free, of course).
  3. Meeting other dogs on our walks.
  4. The dog park where I can run free and play with friends.
  5. The many water stops available just for us dogs.
  6. I can always find a good stick worthy of picking up.
  7. The squirrels, ducks, turtles, and all the other wildlife along the way.
  8. Posing for mom’s pics and enjoying all the seasons every year.
  9. The many rest stops/benches where we can sit and enjoy the views.
  10. Rolling around in the perfect grass at Auditorium Shores.

It’s my favorite place to be in the city and I’m one of the many lucky dogs that get to enjoy it!




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