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Lacey Cones

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To The Trail

At a young age, my Nana and me,

“I’m taking you to a fun place!” She said, and I wondered, “what could it be?”

We pulled up to town lake, a new adventure for sure. Once we started walking I thought, “hey, this place is pretty cool!”

Once we got to the geese I was totally awe struck.

At the mere age of seven or eight.. feeding ducks on our walk was certainly great.

I waved to the bikers as I struggled to keep up. How are there so many runners?! Maybe I’ll be like them one day, wish me luck.

With pink rosy cheeks we made it back to the car.

I recalled all I’d seen, that great body of water and all the trees that were so green!

I even got to see the city, little old Dripping Springs me, and a train to top it all,

To the trail with my Nana, we sure had a ball.

To the trail. To the trail fades my pain, my anxieties and worries; on the trail it’s just me and my breath, and the occasional squirrel’s scurries.

To the trail. To the trail is my heart, my happy place, the sunshine; on the trail each passerby seems to be doing just fine.

Now I’m twenty six with a baby girl of my own, to the trail I take her, and show her all the things I was once shown.

Turns out running is for me! On a trail like town lake, how blessed can one be?!

We aim for a trip to the trail at least twice a week, now when my daughter hears the train she always yells, “MOMMY TRAIN! Eek!!”

To the trail I go, and each time I’m reminded, “hey, this place is pretty cool.”


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