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Commemorative Bricks

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The Trail Conservancy created the first commemorative brick area at Lou Neff Point in 2006 to raise funds for the Trail and give people a chance to become a lasting part of the history of Lady Bird Lake and the Butler Trail. The personalized engraved bricks pay a lasting tribute to Trail lovers and their families, friends, and pets. Since then, TTC has offered bricks at several locations.


Lou Neff Point Commemorative Bricks

The Lou Neff Point brick area was the first commemorative brick plot opened along the Butler Trail. Lou Neff point is located where Barton Creek intersects with Lady Bird Lake just off Lou Neff Road. Bricks in this area are completely sold out.

Do you have a brick at Lou Neff Point and can’t find it? Use our map below to help.

  1. Open the list of bricks here.
  2. Locate your text by simultaneously pressing the ‘Control’ (CTRL) and the ‘F’ key. A finder box will open.
  3. Enter your brick text into the Finder space and click ‘Next.’
  4. Look at the heading of your selection for the grid section letter and number.
  5. Refer to the map below (click to enlarge) of Lou Neff Point to find the location of the section your brick is located in.

Lakeshore Commemorative Bricks

Lakeshore bricks were opened up in 2021 and installed in the Summer of 2022. The bricks are part of the Lakeshore Exercise Equipment area, located near International Shores on the southeast portion of the Butler Trail. The area is located at S Lakeshore Blvd just off Riverside Drive. Bricks are still available for purchase in this location.

Purchase a brick at the Lakeshore Commemorative Brick plot.

Butler Shores Commemorative Bricks

Our newest brick location opened in December 2022 at the newly renovated Butler Shores Exercise Area. Bricks are still available in this area, with an anticipated installation date of April/May 2023. 

Purchase a brick at the Butler Shores Commemorative Brick plot.


Brown engraved bricks with bright orange flowers on the bottom of the frame


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