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The Trail Foundation to Host More Than 100 Volunteers to Plant 1,500 Tree Saplings In Newly-Designated “Grow Zones”

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The Trail Foundation to Host More Than 100 Volunteers to Plant 1,500 Tree Saplings In Newly-Designated “Grow Zones”

WHATThe Trail Foundation (TTF), in partnership with TreeFolks, will host a group of more than 100 volunteers to plant 1,500 small, native tree saplings along the east side of the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake. This effort is part of the City of Austin’s “Ready, Set, Plant!” Program to populate “Grow Zones” designated by the City of Austin Parks and Recreation and Watershed Protection Departments. “Grow Zones,” or riparian zones, are transition areas between an aquatic and terrestrial environment, and in an effort to promote riparian growth along the east side of Lady Bird Lake, city maintenance staff agreed in 2015 to stop mowing in order to improve habitat and ecological function.

Healthy plants in riparian zones are important, as they filter storm runoff and remove pollutants before they contaminate water; prevent stream bank erosion; provide shade that cools air and water temperatures; and provide habitat and food for a diverse group of animals.

Ecological restoration along the riparian zones will make for a better habitat for birds and other wildlife along the Trail, as well as enhance the beauty of the Trail for Trail users.

Volunteers from a number of local organizations, including Austin Youth River Watch, Young Men’s Service League and The University of Texas at Austin, will be in attendance, as well as representatives of corporate sponsors, such as HEB, Whole Foods, PlainsCapital Bank and Texas Gas Service.

WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016 – 9 a.m. to noon*

*We recommend media arrive between 9 and 10 a.m., as this time should be most visual since it will include the most volunteers.

WHEREVolunteers will be working along the east side of the Trail, near Pleasant Valley Road and Lakeshore Boulevard at Longhorn Shores, across from the Krieg Sports Complex.

PARKING: Media may park at Longhorn Shores (along Pleasant Valley Road).


Representatives of the media will have the opportunity to take photos/video of volunteers planting tree saplings along the Trail, as well as interview representatives of TTF and/or volunteers.

The Trail Foundation

The Trail Foundation’s mission is to protect and enhance the Trail at Lady Bird Lake. Since its formation in 2003 as a 501(c)(3), the foundation has fulfilled its mission through careful improvements to the Trail’s infrastructure and environment, while honoring the original vision of the Trail’s founders. In a distinctively collaborative effort, the foundation works in cooperation with the City of Austin to close the gap between what the government provides and what the Trail deserves.

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