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Heron Creek Sponsorship Information

heron-creek-restroom-renderingLocated along the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake, the new Heron Creek Restroom responds to the unique conditions of its environment. The site is both field and forest, shaded by dappled light in the summer and graced with urban views through bare branches in the winter. Scaled to the surrounding landscape, the two structures are pulled apart and oriented to the axis of the solstice and the last stretch of Barton Creek across the lake. This alignment will screen the bustle of Cesar Chavez, frame views of kayaks on the water, and highlight changing patterns of light throughout the day. The dogtrot layout references a vernacular Texas building style and uses a traditional technique of capturing the prevailing breeze.

The buildings are a simple composition of raw steel and concrete that will patina over time. Subtle shifts in geometry differentiate the structures and give them a sense of personality. Large steel plates suspended on a light frame form the building shell. Grounded concrete walls enclose the buildings and are recessed to create porches beneath the steel. The open-air construction is indestructible and enduring while maintaining a sense of playfulness. The textured board-form concrete accentuates the passage of shadows across its surface, while the steel frame inside draws the eye up towards openings in the roof that allow for a view of the tree canopy and sky.

The structure was designed by Austinite, Mell Lawrence. Mell Lawrence Architects was voted 2001 AIA heron-creek-aerial-renderingAustin Firm of the Year in recognition of its consistent design excellence. His work has been published extensively and been recognized with design awards at local, national, and state levels. In 2007, Mell was honored as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

Donor Benefits

The Butler Trail sees over 1.5 million visits annually. The Trail is a destination not only for Austinites, but also for Central Texans and visitors. As Austin grows, we will ensure sustainable Trail facilities keep up with the pace.

Our survey concluded that new restrooms at Heron Creek would address a major Trail user need. Over 82% of survey respondents overwhelmingly wanted additional restrooms in this high-use area. The new Heron Creek Restroom will be a huge improvement to the existing, single toilet, known affectionately as the “Leaner.” The current structure is old and outdated. The new design includes Trail users’ priorities: female and male stalls, adequate lighting, and shade. Support of this project will provide a solution for all Trail users.

Giving to this enhancement will allow the donor to demonstrate a commitment the entire Trail community and all of Austin.

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Path Sponsor

Name on TTF Heron Creek Restroom webpage

Name in TTF newsletter

Name on construction signage

Recognition via new media

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Creek Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Name and/or logo at ribbon-cutting dedication

Name on post-construction signage for 2 months after installation

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Woodland Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Inclusion in press release

Permanent onsite donor recognition

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Lakefront Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Framed full-color project rendering suitable for corporate office

Prominent focus in TTF e-newsletter (over 9,000 distributed)

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Underwriting Sponsor

Previous benefits, plus:

Top-level display of name on permanent onsite donor recognition

Top-level display of name and/or logo on: TTF Heron Creek Restroom webpage, construction signage, post-construction signage for 2 months after installation and at ribbon-cutting dedication.

For more information, please contact Kylie Rush at or (855) 44-TRAIL x700.

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