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You love the Trail. It’s your safe place. Your connection to nature. Your sanctuary. And one of Austin’s most treasured attractions. Right in the heart of our great city. The Trail is there for you. Providing free access 365 days a year.

The Trail sees 4.9 million visits each year. Just imagine what could be accomplished if every Trail user gave just $1 per visit. Think about it like you’re tipping at a restaurant:

    Step 1:     Count the number of times you use the Trail each week.

    Step 2:     Make your donation, $1 for every time you go!

    Step 3:     Continue enjoying the Trail with those you love.

It costs millions of dollars annually to keep the Trail a natural sanctuary and continue to make valuable improvements. More than 80% of all money that goes into the Trail comes from private donations through The Trail Foundation.

In 2018 alone, TTF invested over $3.5 million in Trail improvements and enhancements. Individual supporters like you account for over 60% of TTF’s funding to keep the Trail going. Remaining funds come from corporations and other foundations.


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