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Statement of Purpose Regarding the Redevelopment of the Seaholm Intake Facility

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The Trail Foundation believes that the now-unoccupied Seaholm Intake Facility holds unique potential to be reimagined as a major new recreational and cultural asset for downtown Austin. The Trail Foundation is committed to a goal of transforming the former Facility into a stunning new public park space that will dramatically improve the Butler Trail, and serve all of Austin as a new recreational and cultural destination.  The combination of the buildings’ industrial Art Deco architecture and prominent location on the waterfront gives this project the potential to create a signature gateway experience between Lady Bird Lake and the Seaholm District.

Because this parkland includes nationally-recognized historical buildings on the city’s iconic Trail, The Trail Foundation believes high design standards should be adopted to ensure the entire area will be transformed into a visually stunning component of our Trail, our lake and our downtown skyline. Working in concert with the Austin Parks Foundation, we pledge to effectively advocate for aesthetically pleasing yet functional architecture and design that complements the Facility’s natural surroundings, and serves as a space for locals and visitors to enjoy year round.

The new Seaholm Intake area should also enhance Shoal Creek, Sand Beach Reserve, the new public library, provide connectivity to the pedestrian-friendly Seaholm EcoDistrict  and to Austin’s nearby parks and trails.  The Trail Foundation believes that significant enhancements to the Intake Facility’s structure and its 3.4 acres of lakefront parkland can be accomplished through careful renovations and additions including sustainably managed water resources and green infrastructure.

As the steward of the Butler Trail, the Trail Foundation welcomes taking a leading role in partnership with the City of Austin, the Austin Parks Foundation and other key stakeholders in a public process to plan how to reuse the Facility for the betterment of Austin.

We encourage all efforts to work with the community to coordinate and develop a unified vision that reimagines the Facility as signature gateway experience for the Trail and the Lake while respecting its unique natural and historic setting.


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