Comprehensive Signage

IMG_2581Excellent signage is a critical component of a successful urban trail. TTC previously completed wayfinding and Trailhead maps but will soon invite teams to submit a proposal for consulting services for the Butler Trail Comprehensive Signage Plan. TTC will lead this effort with collaboration with the City of Austin.

Signage on the Trail will promote an image of Austin that connotes originality, quality, beauty, and civic pride. Because the Trail is the heart of Austin, this must break the mold of a basic park sign system and support the reputation of the Trail as the best urban trail in the US.

The old signs and wayfinding system represent 50 years of uncoordinated design by different entities. Form, material, color, design hierarchy and typographic expression are unrelated and lack key information.  Interpretative signs, which could help users appreciate the extensive wildlife, history, and ecology, are scarce.

This project will review and update an existing comprehensive signage package for increased success and opportunities for improvement, expansion, increased visibility and branding. For more information or to support the project, contact us.