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Meet Booker & Pearl Warren

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Q&A with Booker and Pearl Warren, TTF Dog Fan Club Members

Why do you have a brick?
Our mom, Kelly Warren, bought the brick for us when we were puppies. We’ve been walking the Trail with her every day since she became our mom when we were eight weeks old.

What’s your favorite part about being on the Trail?
We like all of the delicious smells, the birds, the other dogs, the nice people who pet us as they jog by, but most especially we love the squirrels. We stalk them and are sure that we would completely control the entire squirrel population of the Trail if only our mother would let us off our leashes to chase them. Oh, and we also love the dog water fountains when it is hot. We especially love it when Woode plays his guitar and sings to us as we walk by.

What’s your human’s favorite part of the Trail?
She loves the bridges and it seems like she has been really impressed recently with the new retaining wall area facing Riverside. She loves to watch the seasons change and how the Trail can take on a different personality every day depending on the weather and what combination of people (and dogs) are present.

Any great stories to tell about your adventures on the Trail?
It would be hard to choose just one favorite story. It’s the daily greetings we exchange with the other faces who become familiar and feel like friends even if we never stop to introduce ourselves, or passing women and watching their pregnancies develop week by week until one day we see them with a stroller and a baby, or watching people deep in contemplation on the benches, or watching someone start up a fitness routine and struggle, but suddenly a few months later they are running instead of walking and looking healthier and happier.

Every day is a new day on the Trail, full of great surprises – and squirrels!


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