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Interview with Kate Lowery of Whole Foods Market

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From your point of view, what sets the Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run & Party apart from other races in town?
It’s such a lovely gathering right by the Trail, and the evening start time is so different and fun…
…OK OK…it’s really the refreshing margarita at the end!

How do you see this race/The Trail Foundation fulfilling your company’s mission?
We are passionate about planting our roots deeply in the communities where we live and work. We are homegrown in Austin, and this event allows us to connect with other local businesses. Also, it helps support a wonderful non-profit that is all about enhancing and preserving the Trail. One of our core values is to care for our communities and the environment. This event helps accomplish both.

Funds raised through your sponsorship will go back to the Trail. What future Trail projects are you most excited for?
Our customers actually voted on what they’d most like to see on the Trail, and planting more trees was the overwhelming first choice. We agree.

If you had to (not that we would make you choose), would you pick running or margaritas?
Running! We can always head to Maudie’s or another great local spot for a margarita…but the running/margarita combo is perfect.


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