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Interview with Freescale

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Freescale has been a generous sponsor of TTF’s Moonlight Margarita Run since 2006.  Dale Herron was interviewed about what makes this a great partnership.

Freescale has been a loyal supporter of The Trail Foundation for many years, what makes this partnership successful?
Freescale is interested in giving back to the communities where we do business in three distinct areas; health and human services, education, and the environment. The Trail Foundation fits perfectly with this approach.

How does the Trail fit into Freescale’s community outreach?
TTF has been great to work with in helping to arrange team building events for our employees to clean up the Trail or with focused projects like Zilker Bluffs. We also have a large contingent of runners that work here and use the Trail quite often to prepare for races or other events. Getting behind the Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run is a fun and unique way for our employees to give back to the Trail.

Does the Trail play a part in recruiting new Freescale employees to Austin?
When we recruit potential employees to come work for Freescale we take them on a tour of Austin which often includes a walk along the Trail.  We typically start at Barton Springs head out to Lou Neff Point. The responses are pretty amazing when they see just how beautiful it is here in Austin.  The view out over Lady Bird Lake to the skyline is remarkable.  They also take note of how many people are on the Trail running, walking, and biking.  They start to get an idea of what makes Austin so special.

What is your favorite spot along the Trail?
There are so many great spots on the Trail. I really enjoy Lou Neff Point with the view of downtown Austin and looking at all of the bricks that are there. I get a real sense of pride in seeing how many people love the Trail and have bought a brick. I am very excited about the Boardwalk project. The artist renderings look pretty spectacular and I am sure I will find a few more favorite spots along the Trail when it is complete. 

What was your most memorable Moonlight Margarita Run experience and why?
My most memorable experience was dancing with Susan Rankin a couple years ago after the race.  That was pretty darn cool.  She has got some moves!  It was also very cool to see over 70 volunteers/runners from Freescale come out to support the Trail.  I am very proud of my company and my co-workers for their commitment to one of the jewels of our beautiful city.


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