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Celebrating Love with Paul & Katie Crowley

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Two Bricks, One Love

Paul Crowley and Katie Weber both love the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake for different reasons. Raised in Austin, Paul grew up with the lake as a central part of what he associated with “home.” Katie first learned to love the Trail from the inside of it, as a member of the Texas Women’s Rowing Team, spending countless hours on the water and after graduating became a marathoner and depending on the Trail for her training.

When they started dating, their individual love of the Trail was a bond they shared and built on as their relationship grew. As they crossed the Lamar pedestrian bridge on one of their Sunday afternoon walks, a stranger ran by them and handed Katie a rose. Then a second person ran by in a t-shirt reading “Will,” a third in a t-shirt reading “You,” and a fourth in a t-shirt reading “Marry.” Then Paul got down on one knee, flipped his headband (which Katie had made fun of him earlier for wearing on a gorgeous 60 degree day) which on the other side read, “Me?” Katie started bawling but still managed a “YES!”

Paul bought a brick at Lou Neff Point to celebrate their one year anniversary (pictured) which they visited after the engagement. Paul also bought a second brick that reads, “Paul and Katie Crowley” that wasn’t laid in time for the proposal plan but is now a few rows over. Paul knew the Trail was a special place for Katie as a runner and peaceful and natural place they both enjoyed. Placing commemorative bricks at Lou Neff Point was a way they could give back to a place that created so many memories for them as individuals and as a couple.

Katie and Paul are getting married this September in Austin. Take a look for their bricks the next time you pass by Lou Neff Point.


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